Capsule Endoscopy Preparation Instructions

How do I prepare for Capsule Endoscopy?

The day before Capsule Endoscopy

After a light lunch you must only have fluids. From 10 p.m the day before do not eat or drink except for necessary medication with a sip of water. Male patients should shave their abdomen 6 inches (15 cm) above and below the navel on the day of the examination.


Day of Capsule Endoscopy

Dress in loose fitting, two-piece clothing. The sensor array will be applied to your abdomen with adhesive pads and will be connected to the data recorder which you will wear in a belt around your waist. After that you will be instructed to ingest the PillCam capsule.


After swallowing the PillCam capsule

After ingesting the PillCam capsule, do not eat or drink for 2 hours. After 4 hours you may have a light snack. After the examination is completed, you may return to your normal diet.


After ingesting the PillCam capsule and until it is excreted, you should not be near any source of powerful electromagnetic fields such as one created near an MRI device or amateur (ham) radio.


Occasionally, some images may be lost due to radio interference. On rare occasions this may result in the need to repeat the examination.


Capsule endoscopy examination lasts approximately 8 hours. Do not disconnect the equipment or remove the belt at any time during this period. Since the data recorder is actually a small computer, it should be treated with utmost care and protection.


During small bowel capsule endoscopy you will need to verify every 15 minutes that the small light on top of the data recorder is blinking. If, for some reason it stops blinking at this rate, record the time and contact your nurse. You should also record the time and nature of any event such as eating, drinking, your activity and unusual sensations.



When having a procedure you are required to complete a consent form.


Your Doctor is responsible for ensuring you are adequately informed of the proposed procedure. You will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with the Doctor prior to your procedure.

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