Melbourne Endoscopy Group values the opinions of all patients who attend our centres.


If you have any comments relating to your time with us, please contact the centre at which you had your procedure or alternatively fill out the Feedback Form found on our website. We would love to hear from you.



The aim of our complaints policy is that we should try to turn a negative into a positive outcome. A positive attitude towards consumers and commitment to resolution is based on the premise that:


  • A consumer has the right to complain and to have the complaint handled without their care being adversely affected.
  • Complaints provide feedback to Melbourne Endoscopy and the services we provide.
  • A complaint received gives Melbourne Endoscopy the opportunity to improve our services.


How may you complain?

Each centre displays the names of staff to which you should address complaints.


There are three methods of complaining, verbal (face to face, or telephone), written or by using the feedback form found on our website below.


What happens when you complain?

All complaints will be acknowledged within twenty-four hours. The complainant will also receive updates, either verbally or in writing until an agreed outcome is reached. We investigate all complaints made to or about our centres.



Compliments are also a means of informing Melbourne Endoscopy about the services we provide.


Compliments also inform us about the areas in which our service excels, and ensure that we continue to work to maintain or improve our standards.


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By submitting your feedback, you are agreeing to the Melbourne Endoscopy Group Privacy Statement. If you are providing information about another individual, you must ensure they also agree.

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