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It is advisable to contact your private health insurance prior to admission to check if an excess or co-payment applies to your level of cover for a procedure in a day hospital.


If you are uninsured there are five separate accounts which may be issued in regard to your admission to this day procedure centre:


  • Accommodation and Theatre fee
  • Anaesthetist fee
  • Endoscopist fee
  • Pathology fee
  • Known Gap


Not all of these accounts will be issued on the day of the procedure.


Your accommodation and theatre fee are not covered by Medicare. You will be expected to pay the charge in full on the day of the procedure.


You will receive separate accounts from the Anaesthetist, Endoscopist and pathology service. With these accounts you will be able to claim some back from Medicare.


If you have health insurance your account will be sent directly to your health fund. Depending on your level of cover your health fund may not cover the hospital charges in full. You will also be able to claim part of the Doctors fees from Medicare and part (or all) of the balance from your private health fund.


Pathology fees incurred should be paid directly to the pathology company utilized by your Endoscopist.


Any excess or Gap payments should be made on the day of your procedure.


Please do not hesitate to contact our centres with any account queries you may have prior to your procedure.

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